Character, Skills, and Smiles.

At Tennis Kiddo, we’re not just about tennis; we’re about creating an extraordinary tennis experience for your child! We’ve designed a program that’s all about fun, teamwork, sportsmanship, learning tennis fundamentals, and building character, all while developing your child’s love for the game.

Making Learning a Thrilling Adventure for Kids!

We believe that learning happens best when kids are having a blast. With vibrant drills, engaging games, and plenty of laughter, your child will eagerly anticipate each lesson. Tennis becomes a thrilling adventure, and your kiddo becomes the hero of their own tennis story.

Why choose us?

Teamwork and Friendship

We foster a sense of togetherness and camaraderie in every session. Your child will not only develop their tennis skills, but also build lasting friendships with fellow Tennis Kiddos. Teamwork is at the heart of our program, teaching kids valuable life skills both on and off the court.

Sportsmanship and Respect

Tennis is not just a sport; it's a lesson in sportsmanship. We instill the values of respect, fairness, and good sportsmanship in every child. Winning with grace and losing with dignity are essential lessons we emphasize throughout our classes.

Learning the Basics

Every tennis superstar started with the basics. Our expert coaches are committed to providing a strong foundation for your child's tennis journey. From mastering the fundamentals to developing strategy, we ensure that your child becomes a well-rounded little player.

Building Character

Beyond tennis skills, we focus on character development. Your kiddo will learn the importance of perseverance, resilience, and determination. These qualities will serve them not only on the tennis court but in all aspects of life.

Self-esteem and Physical Literacy

Our sessions are designed to promote motor and coordination skills, which are the fundamental building blocks of any physical activity. As children become more confident in their physical abilities, they develop higher self-esteem as well.

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Tiny Tots and Parents

Discover the joy of tennis alongside your little one and be their active partner in this exciting learning journey! Our program not only focuses on individual growth but also encourages parents to guide their children through team activities, fostering a collaborative experience for the entire family.

Together, you’ll not only support your child’s development in basic motor skills and coordination but also help them learn the value of teamwork as they engage with other kids in the thrilling world of tennis.

It’s a wonderful opportunity for families to bond, learn, and play together, creating lasting memories on and off the court!

Tiny Aces

Through fun games and age-appropriate activities, kiddos will be introduced to the concept of forehand and backhand while continuing to work on more complex motor skills (running, jumping, throwing and catching) and hand-eye coordination. We will encourage social interaction by having them play in pairs or small groups while promoting communication and teamwork.

Rising Stars

While refining their strokes and emphasizing proper technique, grip and consistency, we will introduce more structured instruction, tennis-specific concepts and proper footwork. Sessions will continue to encourage teamwork making sure kiddos have a positive and fulfilling experience.

Court Ninjas

In addition to working on more complex motor and coordination skills, kids will perform a variety of repetitive drills that will help them gain, not only control and consistency, but also an ability to rally over the net. We will create opportunities for them to participate in friendly match play situations, promoting competitive skills and decision-making on the court.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we offer complimentary trial sessions, allowing your kiddo to experience our tennis classes. To schedule your complimentary trial session, please email us at

Absolutely! We provide complimentary use of demo rackets for your child’s trial or their first tennis session.

We understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances may arise, and you may need to reschedule your class. Here is our make-up policy for rescheduling:

  • Availability: Make-up classes are only available if there is space in another class, and they are subject to class availability.
  • Advance Notice: To request a make-up class, you must notify us at least 24 hours prior to your originally scheduled session by sending an email to This advance notice allows us to allocate the spot to another student.
  • Advance Notice: Each student is eligible for a maximum of one reschedule request, considering the limited availability of make-up classes.
  • No Transfer to Future Sessions: Please note that make-up classes cannot be transferred to future sessions. They must be used within the current session.
  • No Credits Offered: We do not offer credits or refunds for missed classes. Make-up classes are provided as a courtesy when available.

We aim to accommodate your reschedule requests to the best of our ability, but please understand that our make-up class availability is limited and may not be guaranteed. If you have any questions or wish to request a make-up class, please contact our administration at or assistance.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Your commitment to our policies helps us maintain the quality and consistency of our class

If your child enrolls after the start date of the season, program dues will be prorated to accommodate the late registration.
Sibling discounts are available when we don’t have any ongoing promotions. In the absence of current promotions, we provide a 10 percent discount for the second child. Once you enroll your second child you will receive a 10 percent refund to your original form of payment.

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